Monday, 20 June 2011

The Children – Victims Of Adult Vices: Sadistic And Terryfying Sculptures In Moscow Park

The children - victims of adult vices is a group of sculptures created by Russian artist, Mikhail Shemyakin, located in a park in Bolotnaya Square, Moscow, 2000 feet south of the Kremlin behind the British Ambassador's residence. Shemyakin said that, "[The sculpture] ... was conceived and carried out by me as a symbol and a call to fight for the salvation of today and future generations."

The sculptures are of thirteen bronze figures, which depict the adult vices, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and prostitution, that affect children. The figures are perceptibly closing in on two unaware playmates, a girl and a boy, with the centrepiece figure being 'Indifference'. The sculpture was unveiled in 2001 amid some controversy. Opposition to the sculptures by Muscovites forced the location to be changed and specialists felt it would harm children.

                         Indifference - See no evil, hear no evil ...


    Exploitation of child labour

                     Drug addiction




      Irresponsible Science

                           For those without memory

                War (Note Mickey Mouse bomb?)



Watch enlarged photos here


  1. These are just unreal disturbing. Good find and awesome blog.

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  3. I think Mickey Mouse is mostly related with the gas mask.. check this out
    Tabun, Sarin, & Mickey Mouse and this
    Infinite Thought

  4. Thank you Thomas Sheridan and nevrozlye! Yes, these images are indeed very disturbing, on many levels - let's scare the children and teach them a lesson ...
    Very interesting link: Tabun, Sarin, & Mickey Mouse.

  5. i really like this because its true and more people need to be aware...

  6. Please send me a picture with all of them showing. I would like to hang it in our entry way. God bless!

    1. It is hard to get a photo with all of them because they are in a semi-circle, closing in on the golden children in the centre. I have a photo of it at night. what is your email?

  7. Who took these photos?

    If possible it would be good to use them in our broadcasts (if we can get permission).