Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Golden Olympic 2012 Torch Of Zion Unveiled

'Integral to the design are the 8,000 circles, a lasting representation of the torchbearer stories of personal achievement or contribution to their local community that will be showcased with every step of the relay.'

London 2012's Olympic torch relay will start on May 19 in Land's End and travel as far as the outer Hebrides.

An average of 110 people a day will take centre stage by carrying the Olympic Flame on its journey around the UK before it arrives at the Olympic Stadium on July 27 for the lighting of the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony, signifying the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The aim is that 95 per cent of the UK population will be within a one-hour journey time of the Olympic torch relay.


                       The 2012 torch, left, contains 8,000 holes to represent every runner.

The 1948 versions from the last time London hosted the Games.

1936 Berlin Games

 1968 Mexico Games
 1976 Montreal Games

 Los Angeles 1980

 Seoul Games 1988

Sydney Games 2000

The Olympic torch's shadowy past. The Olympic torch is being welcomed this weekend in the UK as a symbol of the sporting spirit, uniting people around the world in peaceful competition.  But the idea of lighting the torch at the ancient Olympian site in Greece and then running it through different countries has much darker origins. It was invented in its modern form by the organisers of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. And it was planned with immense care by the Nazi leadership to project the image of the Third Reich as a modern, economically dynamic state with growing international influence.

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