Friday, 10 June 2011

Prince Philip (Pindar) 90 Promoting The Depopulation Agenda - Wants To Discrimate Against Old People

Discriminating against the old is right, says Philip on the eve of his 90th birthday celebrations

Prince Philip has said that he favours discrimination against older people because 'you go downhill' later in life.

In an interview recorded ahead of his 90th birthday today, the notoriously outspoken prince says he is reducing his own workload before he reaches his 'sell-by date'.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who has been the Queen's constant public companion for more than 60 years and is involved with around 800 charities and organisations, says he is looking forward to 'winding down' and enjoying himself.

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  1. May the inoccent be let free from these Tyranical beings. God help us.