Monday, 19 September 2011

Breast-Feeding Doll Shocks Americans

Here’s a toy you can buy for your kids that really sucks. Move over, Malibu Barbie! There is a new children’s doll on toy store shespain, united stateslves, and The Breast Milk Baby is swallowing up the competition.

After a successful run overseas, Spain-based Berjuan Toys is bringing their Breast Milk Baby to the United States. The realistic play-thing aimed at kids two and up is trying to teach the youth of America that breast-feeding is a healthy, natural way to feed a baby — and this is something that can be taught with a $90 piece of plastic complete with a realistic suckling mechanism.

“As an American, I find it hard to believe that we are letting a silly misconception about something as wholesome as breast-feeding be turned into a taboo subject,” says spokesperson Dennis Lewis to Forbes. Lewis adds that international organizations across the globe have endorsed the doll before it recently came stateside, and after such a positive reaction he is aiming to teach toddlers that breast-feeding is natural in a way that won’t sexualize anyone.

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