Monday, 19 September 2011

”Above Top Secret”: Nazi Sex Dolls And Syphilis

”The doll has only one purpose and she should never become a substitute for the honorable mother at home... When the soldier makes love to Borghild, it has nothing to do with love. Therefore the face of our anthropomorphic sexmachine should be exactly how Weininger described the common wanton’s face.”

Author Graeme Donald discovered the sex dolls project while researching the history of the Barbie doll that was based on the Lilli sex doll of 1956.

Adolf Hitler ordered the Nazis to develop sex dolls to send to his troops being ravaged by disease after sleeping with French women, it's been revealed.

The synthetic 'comforters' were made from silicone (by IG Farben) and designed to stop soldiers being laid low with syphilis.

Smaller than life-size, the so-called ‘gynoids’ were to be targeted at the men most at temptation from a ‘quick adventure’ with a French prostitute.

Initially, the Hungarian actress Kathe von Nagy was asked if the doll could be modeled on her, but she refused.

Instead the look of the Aryan doll with blonde bob hair and blue eyes was left bland so soldiers could apply their own fantasy.

Author Graeme Donald has uncovered the secretive ‘Borghild Project’ while researching the history of the Barbie doll - which was based on a post-war German sex doll toy. 

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Adolf Hitler (right) ordered sex dolls after Heinrich Himmler (left) said it is their duty to protect soldiers from syphilis.

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