Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Naomi Campbell's Eco-Home: Eye Of Ra On The Island Of Cleopatra

If the world comes to an end, model Naomi Campbell and her nearest and dearest will have no trouble surviving in this 25 roomed eco-home. Designed by and a birthday gift from one of our favorite new architects Luis de Garrido, the glass domed house is completely energy and water self-sufficient and features an amazing indoor landscaped terraceEverything about this house is a dream: its comfortable microclimate, its constant flow of air, light and heat when necessary, its superior landscaping, and of course the fact that it was built on the Isla Playa de Cleopatra in Turkey (notice the Egyptian theme.)

Every architect on the planet would probably love to have an assignment like this one, and Luis de Garrido from Spain, ostensibly free of budget or creative restrictions, ran with it. The multi-level central dome is framed with steel and clad in glazed glass panels that permit sunlight all year round. Although the greenhouse effect promotes natural heating, certain measures such as landscaping and tilted louvers ensure that the heat is not unbearable during the summer time. Steps have also been taken to provide plenty of ventilation.

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  1. WOW!!!

    And people think there's nothing going on.

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  3. I don't think she's taken "rising sea levels" into account :-)