Sunday, 11 September 2011

Super Secret Super Heavy Super Group Supergrass Police: Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart And Damian Marley Spellbinds With Voodoo Miracle Worker

Under the blinding glare of the Los Angeles sun, on the same dusty Paramount New York street lot where The Godfather was filmed, a jumbled crew of cameramen, anxious assistants, exhausted runners and jaded punk extras all stare as a great boom of sound blares from a hastily constructed, battered voodoo shop frontage – pitched completely at odds against the iconic Forties brownstones.

There’s a momentary, familiar high-pitched wail. Then the battered doors crash open and Mick Jagger, in a tight neon-pink suit and Panama hat, struts into the sunlight, his feet in cerise Nikes kicking up dirt as he leaps through a series of perfectly co-ordinated vocal and physical twists, effortlessly spinning a pair of female dancers as he sings the opening lines of Miracle Worker.

Nobody moves, spellbound by what they’re watching. Even the jaw on the most scary-looking punk has dropped open. Joss Stone, sitting just feet away on a pavement, is completely fixated. Then Jagger stops, walks over to a monitor, frowning as he scrutinises the reel with ex-Eurythmics musician Dave Stewart.

Eventually, Jagger nods to Stewart and says in his ultra-liquid London drawl, ‘OK guys, let’s go again.’

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'Paul Allen lent us his boat (a 414ft mega yacht called Octopus with two helicopters, two submarines and a jet-ski dock). Mick would check in under names like Mr Gibson 3.3 - all very Ocean's Eleven,' said Stewart


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