Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Remember, Remember November! (News Blast)

November has come and nearly gone, but not without a bang - explosives aplenty, in more ways than one from beginning to end and the fireworks will most likely continue into 2012 and beyond ...

There have been more news stories coming out this month than you can shake a Holy wood stick at and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the bom bard ment (remember, it is a war on your mind), but here are some of the stories i have paid attention to and found interesting and indicative of the deliberate debasement of humanity, the dumbing-down of the masses and the encroaching police-state.

(Many of these links and articles could fit into more than one category.)

Occult(Magic, mysteries, mythologies, religions and hidden knowledge)

The Upcoming Occult Dates of November Including 11/11/11
The other Prince William: The uncanny parallels between Wills and the dashing but doomed cousin in whose memory he was named
Christian church teams up with high priestess of Isis

Devil found in detail of Giotto fresco in Italian basilica 
Devil found in detail of Giotto fresco in Italy's Assisi

Pilgrims stone Satan in most dangerous rite of hajj

Secret history of Stonehenge revealed

Easter Island heads have bodies

Pop: (Holy Wood, the entertainment industry and the military-industrial complex)

Beyonce accused of copying moves from ballet
The Knowles-Gaddafi Conspiracy: Did Beyonce Rock New Year’s for Libyan Dictator’s Son?
Heidi Klum goes all out as she's wheeled in to annual party on an autopsy table
Heidi Klum and Seal are unrecognisable as apes at their star-studded Halloween bash
Pete Townshend calls Apple 'a vampire'
'I wanted to hop on the next train and get the hell out': Michelle Williams talks about the pressures of being Marilyn Monroe
Justin Bieber's manager likens him to The Beatles
From Hollywood to Helmand: Living with the Scots Guards in Afghanistan
In pictures: Alice In Wonderland 
Relativity Calls Its Snow White ‘Mirror Mirror’

Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto becomes band's fourth successive album to top Australia's ARIA charts
Nicki Minaj swaps her revealing outfits for demure 18th century gowns in themed photo shoot


The heart-throb who hated women: Wife-beater, drug-taker and relentless philanderer, the brutal truth about Steve McQueen

A star is reborn... but do today's icons measure up to their classic lookalikes?
Mickey Mouse prototype film found by Herefordshire firm

The character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is believed to be the prototype to Mickey Mouse .

Kelly Osbourne Taken To Hospital With Head Injury: ‘I Cracked My Head Open’
Brody Jenner 'has head split open with bottle' after 'intervening in fight' involving girlfriend Avril Lavigne
Selena Gomez duets with her foulmouthed rapper alter ego in a MTV EMA 2011 promo

Toys are us! Nicki Minaj sports a dress made of stuffed animals as she teams up with Willow Smith for new music video

Rihanna ops for comfort over glamour as she covers up in a black and white striped onesie and skull socks for new album sessions

Lady Gaga brandishes a parasol despite the lack of any sunshine in London
Lady Gaga dominates MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast 
She's Married The Night! Lady Gaga goes to the moon and back as she scoops best female at the MTV Europe Music Awards

MJ’s murder Dr Murray found guilty
Patrick Swayze's niece marries Neo Nazi thug linked to Obama assassination plot

Propaganda: (Predictive programming and mind control)

Huge asteroid headed for close encounter with Earth
Giant asteroid is about to pass between the Earth and the moon - our closest shave for 35 years

Robotic prison wardens to patrol South Korean prison
Orwell Was Right-New Street Lights To Have "Homeland Security"
British police surveillance system can turn off mobile phones
Homeland security talks to hotel guests
Supreme Court Hears Whether GPS Counts as 'Big Brother'

November 9th Communications Shutdown: A System Reboot Needed to Activate New Code?
Stephen and Tabitha King says it’s time to take back the American dream
Future gang members 'can be spotted at age three'
Intelligent lights make up wireless network used for entertainment and safety
An Electronic Eye on Hospital Hand-Washing

Obama mama promised U.S. to homeschool son 

Crack sentence cuts begin, thousands may go free
Dirty, sexy money: people saw sex toys, religious symbols on plastic cash


Brain scanner 'reads' people's dreams - accurately enough to see what they are dreaming about
Dreams read by brain scanner for the first time

Speech patterns: 5 ways to spot a psychopath
Weeding out corporate psychopaths 
Middle class ketamine users 'risk delusions of cool'
Ecstasy is back in clubs as newly potent drug is taken with 'legal highs'


Kate Middleton and Prince William visit UNICEF center in Denmark
The Green Agenda: “We have an informal network at the UN, a humanity underground. It consists of those who are committed, aware, and striving to bring the New World to birth.” - Aquarian Age Community
EU mulls smart biometric borders
PG&E Begins Removing ‘Smart’ Meters Due to Health Effects
Report: Sarkozy calls Netanyahu 'liar' 
Ellen Barkin Attacks Fox News, Calls Its Correspondents Liars
Marijuana growers to face more jail than child rapists under Harper's new omnibus bill
Day of the Skull celebrations see Bolivians venerate the heads of dead strangers

Transhumanism, Transgender, Eugenics And Depopulation

Interactive: Breaking down 7 billion
E-petition demands drastic action to stop Britain's population hitting 'unsustainable' 70million
World Population: 7 billion, and counting
Five myths about the world’s population

Obama Wants to Inject U.S. Children with Anthrax
In State Care, 1,200 Deaths and Few Answers
Boosting Butts With Cement, Fix-A-Flat, Leads to Arrest 
Gender-bending chemical that 'makes girls as young as three aggressive and hyperactive' 
It's the ultimate man-icure - but will guys be sold on 'masculine' nail polish?
Sexy Androgynous Male Model Andrej Pejic Poses Nearly Naked With A Snake

plagiarism ... it has been done before ...

Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent, 1981 (By Richard Avedon)

Gaunt model shocks at Milan fashion show
Harrods unveil glittering festive window display - including £230k Ralph & Russo crystal dress

What a great role model mother monster is for our children! Lady Gag here seen singing into a monster penis shaped microphone (India). The over-sexualisation of children is too prevalent to be ignored!

Andy Rooney, '60 Minutes' commentator, dies 92
Andy Rooney promotes the mark of the beast

Katy Perry with a painted on moustache in her latest video

H&M/Versace  ad - the all-seeing eye and mannequin factory  

Prosecutor to parents: Mailing chickenpox illegal
TN Prosecutor: Mailing ‘chicken pox lollipops’ is federal crime
Psychiatric Drugs, School Violence, and the Big Pharma Cover-up
The sinister forces behind that threat to banish school skirts
Kidney Broker Said to Use Johns Hopkins in Organ-Traffic Case
Levy Izhak Rosenbaum Pleads Guilty To Selling Black Market Kidneys
12 nurses sue over being forced to help with abortions
Thousands of women in North Carolina victims of sterilization
Lebensborn Children Break Silence
Eugenics the science of managing the human herd
Have We Raised An Entire Generation Of Young Men That Do Not Know How To Be Men?
The strange and curious history of lobotomy
Crowdsourcing Darwin's experiment on human emotions

Russian 'grave robber made dolls from girls' corpses'
Russian 'genius' lived with 26 female bodies
Police find mummified corpses in historian's apartment

Pedophilia, Beastiality And Raping And Killing Of Our Children 

Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told
Drug Companies Are Sexualizing Our Kids!
Doug Hutchison, 51, dresses up as his teen bride Courtney Stodden as the couple go trick-or-treating
CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality
Texas Judge Who Beat Daughter in Shocking Vid: ‘I Haven’t Done Anything Wrong’
Naked woman, 21, climbed inside gutted dead horse because she wanted to 'feel at one' – and no charges were brought 

Joe Paterno Vows To Pray For "Poor Victims." Boys Raped In Showers Would Have Preferred Call To Cops 10 Years Ago 
Joe Paterno Diagnosed with Lung Cancer  
Do you know what your kids did last summer?
Unisex toilets to tackle bullies, or just an excuse to watch the children pee? 
From Baby Hooker Costume ... to Biker Vixen
Hooker 'turns into donkey', court hears

Mother facing jail for refusing to send teenage daughter to school claiming 'isolation unit' breaches her human rights
Pudsey's fashion makeover: Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, Erdem, Jonathan Saunders and Henry Holland design bears for Children in Need

'Provocative' Dakota Fanning perfume advert banned

300,000 babies stolen from their parents - and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 
Beating Babies in the Name of Jesus? The Shady World of Right-Wing 'Discipline' Guides 

More to follow ...

Monday, 7 November 2011

Nick Knight And Lady Gaga Doing The Old Armitage Shank

SHOWstudio.com Shop opened its doors for the private view of Inside/Out the ineffable Lady Gaga delivered an unexpected surprise: a strategically-placed urinal. Laying on its side and rendered impotent, this twenty-first century ready-made - appropriately titled Armitage Shanks - shows all the imaginable traces of her physical presence. Scrawled across the back of the china bowl is the aphorism 'I’m not fucking Duchamp but I love pissing with you', directly referencing one of the most influential modern artworks, Duchamp's infamous Fountain. But both the written message and the act of 'marking' the urinal with traces of one's own self work away from a stern gesture into a playful acknowledgement of Duchamp’s enduring, impervious influence. The urinal itself was part of an iconic Nick Knight shoot with Lady Gaga for Vogue Homme Japan.

                       'I’m not fucking Duchamp but I love pissing with you'

Armitage Shank: The act of shaking one's penis after urinating to remove any remaining drops of liquid.

Taken from the popular (and oft seen) British toilet manufacturer, Armitage Shanks.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dirty Mermaid Lady Gaga In Larger Than Life Edition Of Visionaire 61

The eccentric singer is transforned into a dirty mermaid, who has been drenched in oil, for prestigious art publication Visionaire 61. 

For the startling image the star is soaked in thick black liquid while her blonde locks have red and blue highlights. Another photograph sees the singer clutching her waist while sitting in a director's chair.

The pictures were shot by famed photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, who have worked with Gaga on a number of occasions before.

The first image of Gaga is accompanied by a caption from the lady herself. "There is no oil too thick as to destroy the imagination."

At seven foot tall, the special 'Larger Than Life' edition of the magazine goes into the Guinness Book Of Records as the largest magazine ever published.

With the lower half of her body resembling that of a fish, her upper half remains in human form, but with gills on her neck, shoulder and cheeks.

Read more here

Cover VISIONAIRE 61 - Lady GaGa by Inez and Vinoodh photoshoot 2011.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Haute Couture Coupled With Haute Cuisine In Berlin

A model wears a dress made of seaweed and octopus created by Roland Trettl at the exhibition opening at Berlin's Communication Museum, which is presenting around 50 photographs created by Trettl and photographer Helge Kirchberger showing models wearing edible haute couture.

Move over Lady Gaga and your meat dress. A Berlin museum is coupling haute couture with haute cuisine, spotlighting models draped in octopus tunics, seaweed miniskirts and chocolate dresses. 

The creations by Michelin-starred Austrian chef Roland Trettl, captured in around 50 sumptuous stills by his compatriot photographer Helge Kirchberger, blur the lines of sensual pleasure in a feast for the eyes and the palate.

The Fashion Food exhibition at the Communication Museum in the German capital to January 29 dissects "taste" and flamboyant fashion statements, as well as notions of consumerism and sustainability in a rich society.

"The images are not salacious or pornographic but they are erotic and provocative and raise questions," museum director Lieselotte Kugler told AFP, following an exhibition opening with two live models.

"This is also a celebration of food. When you think of all the food that is thrown away every year in Germany -- including 5,000 tonnes of bread -- everyone needs to consider how they approach food and how food is increasingly industrialised in our society."

While US pop provocateur Lady Gaga raised eyebrows at an awards show last year with a dress made entirely of raw beef, many of the confections here could add up to a balanced diet.
A model wears a creation made of pasta and quail eggs by Michelin-starred chef Roland Trettl. The Fashion Food exhibition dissects "taste" and flamboyant fashion statements, as well as notions of consumerism and sustainability in a rich society.

Food designer Roland Trettl places a fish skin mask on a model at the opening of the Fashion Food exhibition. The exhibition marks the first major presentation of Trettl and Helge Kirchberger's work to a broader audience.

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