Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Patient With Multiple Personalities Sketches Her 17 Alter Egos

A woman who developed multiple personalities as the result of being abused as a child has sketched her alter egos ? all 17 of them.

Karen Overhill took on a range of personalities to escape the trauma, such as Sandy, 18, a depressed binge eater, and Jensen, an 11-year-old black boy who drew the sketch.

She had been abused by her father and grandfather during her childhood, starting with physical assaults by her dad when she was just a baby.

The mother-of-two began developing imaginary people aged between two to 34 to bear the brunt of the abuse.

Two-year-old Karen Boo took over when she was attacked as an infant, while seven-year-old Claire was created after Ms Overhill was sexually abused on her Communion Day.

Ms Overhill, an American, drew the sketch after seeking help from psychiatrist Dr Richard Baer, following some disturbing episodes where she was unaware of her actions.

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