Friday, 30 December 2011

Sorry The Lifestyle You Ordered Is Currently Out Of Stock! End Of The Year Occult Popagenda Blast

A sneak peek of Times Square's 2012 New Year's Eve Ball
Kelly Clarkson: “I Love Ron Paul”
Curse of the cat face: Big cheeks and high brows, the stars trying too hard to stay young
Now it's Janet Jackson's turn to be targeted as PETA name her cruelest celebrity of the year

The Hangover, Gwyneth Paltrow style: Actress swears by Bloody Marys as she shares recipe for the ultimate New Year's Eve cure
Roman Abramovich hires Red Hot Chili Peppers for exclusive £5m News Year's Eve party
Sinéad O'Connor divorced - after just 16 days
James Rizzi, US pop artist, dies aged 61
New Banksy Painting Appears In London's Canary Wharf 

US rejects Hugo Chavez remarks on Latin America cancer
'The people are crying tears of blood': Millions of wailing North Koreans line snow bound streets in display of state-controlled grief for Kim Jong Il's funeral
Delving into North Korea's mystical cult of personality
Kim Jong-Il In Numbers 

BBC in panda row as Tian Tian named among year's top women 
The Here We Go Looby Loo Awards 2011
Year of dental bling: Veneered, whiter-than-white teeth are everywhere, but they can leave a very bad taste in the mouth 
Go Figure! Is this the most PC council in Britain? Green man on pedestrian crossing becomes gender neutral 'green figure'
'Find your inner ape': What council staff were told on taxpayer-funded high-wire activity course
Cuts 'spell a care crisis for the elderly': Charity chief warns that 900,000 won't get support next year as councils slash funding
New calendar proposes to make every year identical - and we'd all save money too (so long as we could stand Christmas falling on the same day)
Why we must change our way of measuring time to stop GPS and stock markets crashing
Thirty years of Channel 4 and the coarsening of British life

Hi-de-Shanghai! £50m holiday resort complete with signs in Mandarin... to be built in Wales
Facebook set to turn its users into corporate sponsors - without asking their permission
Blood bank 'perfect storm' threat for 2012
UK prepares emergency measures for euro collapse to prevent an influx of people and money
Olympic security will not overshadow visitor welcome, says Lord Coe
Don't have a bath this Christmas (there's a drought on)
Priests brawl in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity
Jewish gender segregation campaign turns violent
'Virginity tests' on Egypt protesters are illegal, says judge
Move over, Caligula! Book reveals the story of cross-dressing boy emperor Elagabalus, whose savagery and sexual hedonism were unparallelled

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