Thursday, 1 December 2011

Kate Moss Channels David Bowie For French Vogue

Kate Moss dressed as David Bowie on this month's cover of French Vogue

So Emmanuelle Alt has substituted the ‘porno chic’ of Carine Roitfeld’s day at Paris Vogue with her own, more rock n’ roll visual language.

For her latest trick, she has got the evergreen model and Brit icon, Kate Moss, to reprise her sometime role as rock’s glammest chameleon, David Bowie, on the January cover of her mag.

The REAL David Bowie in 1973

Wonderful. Iconic as it will doubtless be viewed, it’s not the most original idea in the history of publishing.

Kate has already appeared on the cover of British Vogue a few years back as the Alladin Sane album cover, although on that occasion it was with the help of photoshop rather than the ginger wig that you see before you, that Kate was transformed.

Kate Moss on the Cover of Vogue as Aladin Sane

The REAL David Bowie Aladin Sane Album cover

David Bowie and Kate Moss by Ellen von Unwerth in 2003

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