Monday, 6 February 2012

Superb Owl Worship: High Priestess Madonna Performing Illuminati Ritual During Half Time

“In Anderson’s daytime exclusive with Madonna, airing on Thursday, February 2, Madonna says she’s nervous about performing during halftime at the Super Bowl.

“Oh my God, I’m so nervous, you have no idea,” says Madonna. “First of all it’s the Super Bowl, I mean the Super Bowl is kind of like the holy of holies in America right? So here I am, I’m going to come into the halfway between the church experience and I’m going to have to deliver a sermon, that’s going to have to be very impactful.”

She continues, “Right? I have to put on the greatest show on earth, in the middle of the greatest show on earth. I have eight minutes to set it up and seven minutes to take it down and twelve minutes to put on the greatest show on earth. That’s a lot of pressure.”

Let the sermon begin! Madonna, high priestess of Pop opens her Illuminati ritual performance at the Super Bowl 2012. Here seen dressed as the Egyptian Goddess Isis drawn onto stage in a chariot like throne by Roman Gladiator clad slaves. The women at the front of the procession are carrying what looks like Canopic jars.

The priestess card in Aleistair Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck.

Inanna ( Inannasumerianblack.png) ) is the Sumerian goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare.

M.I.A. flipping the middle finger - telling she doesn't give a sh*t. This allegedly angered the Queen of Pop, but i think it was planned - it was part of the ritual and meant to cause a stir, just like Janet Jackson's (and Justin Timberlake's) 'nipple-slip' a few years ago. Check out quick link below regarding the history and meaning of 'flipping the middle finger'.

Triumphant Inanna-Ishtar, winged, with foot on her roaring lion and star symbol, being worshiped by a lesser goddess. Black-stone cylinder seal. Akkadian, ca. 2334-2154 BCE.

World peace! From who's perspective?

This image gives far from a feeling of peace. It's dark and ominous ... the letters in world peace look like they are crumbling and there seems to be what looks like the outline of a Nazi eagle 'hovering' over the Super Bowl, or rather, emerging from the crowd.

Inanna/Ishtar's Descent
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Occult Symbolism of Madonna at Superbowl Halftime
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When did the middle finger become offensive?


  1. Sad, but true. All these "Celebrities" doing their literallly damndest to seduce children into satanism and out to corrupt and destroy families. I would love to ask Madonna & Rhianna how they JUSTIFY NOT CARING about their innapropriate behavior, flashing of body parts and full on nudity, because "It's not their job to raise other people's kids." If you ain't part of the SOLUTION, you're a huge part of the PROBLEM!

    1. Simple: do not watch it. Your job is to raise your child the way you want, in my opinion, maybe you work too much for less(?) and you have no time for your child, who knows, you may be the one with this problem. The show was entertaining, I saw it on the net. Just a question: have you ever been to the beach? I have and I only have a swimming trunk or a comfy speedo on if I go to swim or sunbathe. Is it scandalous? For some may be than I only can say take care of your own business, or sweep around your own house.

  2. I don't have cable for this reason. Why do these celebs make millions of dollars? I'm the one cleaning 99yr old ass, do these celebs want to do that? I bet they'd cry if the only job they could get was wiping an old man's ass.

  3. It's just art and they are your children, not Madonna's. Satan is just a scapegoat. Deal with your own evil don't blame it on others.

    1. if you really believe that then you are the product of Satan's agenda which is to make men and women turn away from God and be deceived watch the movie this is the end because that is the Illuminati interpretation of the biblical apocalypse the rapture with a twist because there will be no partying in heaven and once the Rapture comes whoever is left behind does not get another chance. everything world is of Satan there's a system called the harp system that sends vibrations through the earth which takes away from our angelic protection and opens up for the demonic oppression. funny that they call it the harp system which is a musical instrument played by an angel it is a proven fact in order to conjure up demons you must use vibrations and incantations which is chanting a lot of the music nowadays has catchy chanting. Satanism is the religion of all of your famous household names and Many that you would not think about such as the royal family. think about bass think about what you see on the news every single day think about video games movies music politics war everything has to do with God and Lucifer good n evil and SOULS. Madonna Rihanna Beyonce Jay Z Kanye Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Frank Ocean Chris Brown I could go on but I will not theyre all puppets used to promote a satanic agenda and the puppet master is Satan himself. it is a proven fact that music can influence your mind with subliminal messages same thing in television and movies instead of getting better this world has only gotten worse and will continue to do so until God is so angered that he comes back which is going to happen very soon since the illumanati enjoys feeling like they can predict the future and that is why movies have been put out such as the knowing such as this is the end but shows aliens instead of angels and protrays heaven asa oparty instead of worshipping God.

    2. Exactly, everybody has to take care of their OWN business, NOT with others' and put the shit on and blaming others WITH NO REASON.

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